A very ancient symbol, present even before Christianity, the Cross is a geometric figure made up of two lines or bars, one horizontal and one vertical, which cross each other at right angles.

Holy water :  Use and Preparation

An indispensable element of the Bible, water is considered in the Old and New Testaments as a symbol of Purification and Rebirth. In the Bible, the theme of water recurs several times and Its function is however ambivalent ..

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How to Pray the Rosary every day

Alone or in company, in Church or at home, praying the Rosary every day becomes a moment of peace and serenity.
But when should you pray the Rosary?
There is no specific time to entrust yourself to the care of the Blessed Virgin. Any time of the day becomes the perfect time. A biblical meditation, the Rosary prayed in an authentic way helps us to preserve the events experienced by Jesus in the company of Mary, keeping them in our hearts.

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How many Saints are there?

If the question is legitimate and frequent among many believers and non-believers, the answer is much more complicated. According to some, the number would be around 9,000. Some others say there would be as many as 20,000. What is certain is that since 1588, the number of saints has reached 1,726.
What is surprising is the small number of canonisations carried out in the period from 1592 to 1978, the number being only 302.

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The Meaning of Tree of Life

Its presence is attested in various cultures and religions, its symbolic meaning is strongly positive. The symbol linked to this fascinating Tree is closely connected with the structure of the tree itself. Let us try to discover what it is about in these few lines.

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June between Sacred and Profane

The sixth month of the year, the month of Freedom or the Sun, dedicated to the Goddess Juno, between the Sacred and the Profane, June is a month rich in religious and other celebrations.                            In Rome, the celebrations of the three saints take on a special significance..

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