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Mondo Cattolico is an ancient company of religious articles and mosaics in Rome, founded in 1952, it has always been placed in St. Peter's Square just in front of the Pope's Window.

The shop boasts a long tradition in the sale of sacred objects of great artistic value as medals, crosses, icons, silver, cameos, miniatures, rosaries, etc., visited by a vast international clientele that has always renewed us their trust in the purchase of religious objects suitable for any event. We are specialized in the search and collection of precious ancient and modern mosaics that can be visited and admired in our great interior Mosaic Art Gallery.

Our multilingual personnel receives tourists and pilgrims with kindness and professionalism. Our facilities are air conditioned and we offer 18 hygienic services, cold drinks, and of course, an extensive selection of articles for all the tastes and budgets. We have available also cash machine, Vatican mail box, Vatican stamps and Tax refund service.

We invite you to visit our website, confident that you will find the desired object or the right souvenir of your stay in Rome. In our online shop you can in fact buy: religious articles, rosaries, crosses, mosaics, paintings, statues, jewelry, souvenirs and other.