MONDO CATTOLICO - A window on St. Peter's Square

MONDO CATTOLICO - A window on St. Peter's Square

For more than a century, generations after generations have carried on the tradition in the ancient Piazza Rusticucci (Rusticci Square), later known as Piazza Pio XII (Pius XII Square), as years of history unfolded.

Without a doubt, we must give credit to Mrs. Bianca, a far-sighted and resourceful woman.

The business started in 1898 in a small store located in Piazza Rusticucci, when the Spina di Borgo neighborhood still existed.

The workshop (as it was called at the time) was located near the facade of the Church of San Lorenzo in Piscibus. Today the church is hidden by modern buildings and only the apse can be seen from the Borgo Santo Spirito neighborhood.

Following the Lateran Pacts of 1929, work began in 1936 to demolish the Spina di Borgo neighborhood to make way for Via della Conciliazione and Piazza Pio XII. The work ended in 1950 and as a result the small workshop was closed and then moved to what is now Piazza Pio XII.

Precisely in 1952, Amilcare, Giorgio and Vittoria, the children of the remarkable Mrs. Bianca, opened Mondo Cattolico at number 12, Piazza Pio XII.

Since then, Mondo Cattolico (Italian for “Catholic World”) has indeed been a ‘world’. It is not just a religious items shop, but rather a large store that offers exclusive products of all kinds to customers from all over the world, including religious items, souvenirs, but especially art.

Here you can find very precious sculptures, unique mosaics, rare golden objects, ceramics, chinaware and so much more.

This is no ordinary shop where you just stop by. But rather a magic place where people have been able to get in touch with history, tradition, as well as unique and valuable objects for more than a century.

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