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Mondo Cattolico

Gold Plated Caput Mundi Earrings Purple Crystals

Gold Plated Caput Mundi Earrings Purple Crystals

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Michelangelo designed the flooring of Piazza del Campidoglio reproducing an anormous elliptical (oval) star with 12 Points. It was from here that all the roads of Roma Antica began. This means that already from antique times Roma was the navel of the world, and today Roma is the center of Christianity. Roma Caput Mundi. The choice of 12 Points is has its's precise meaning.

12 the constellations close to the Earth 

12 the signs of the Zodiac

12 the months of the year

12 the hours of the day and 12 those of the night 

12 the labours of Hercules

12 the doors to Jerusalem

12 the tribes of Israel

12 the Apostles

12 the stars of the Madonnas Crown.

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