March is the month that the Church dedicates to Saint Joseph, the man on whom God the Father has placed an inmeasurable trust, asking him to be the spouse of Mary and the land father of his Son, Jesus.

In the canonical Gospels, Mark doesn't name and doesn't mention Joseph. Matthew and Luke report the name and Matthew specifies the profession of "carpenter", giving the portrait of a "honest" man. The Gospels report that Joseph was of the "line of David", who lived in Nazareth and who proved willing to carry out the divine will, although difficult to accept and understand. He has given his life to a project that transcends him, agreeing to take Mary with him, remaining beside her, as a faithful spouse, and taking care of the Holy Family, protecting her from difficulties and dangers. Also in the gospel of Matthew, in fact, when the angel tells him to take refuge in Egypt to escape the threat of Herod, Saint Joseph shows firmness, love and dedication to his family.

The Sacred Mancy of St. Joseph is inspired by a legend that has then become a history, which has been preserved over the centuries, through the oral tradition of the Church.

St. Joseph, having no money to pay for wood, left as a pledge to Ismael a usury, a man without courage, his Mantus given to him by Mary for their marriage.

Joseph's Mantus brought healing, peace and tranquility to Ismael's house, appeased the anger and frustration of his wife Eve, managed to heal a cow writhing from pain, and put out a fire.

Ismaele told Eva:"This Mantus is a treasure, since he has been with us, we are happy and we will not get away from him for all the gold in the world".

A few days later they arrived at the door of nazareth's carpenter asking him to keep his manto by paying homage to him with gifts and referring to him as a Prophet, as an angel in the earth. Joseph allowed him to keep the Manto for good time, thanked them for their offerings and gifts; finally Mary revealed to them that God had decided to bless all those families who would put themselves under joseph's protective mantus.

The newlyweds followed the advice of the Most Holy Virgin Mary and were always happy, like their children and the children of their children.
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